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Contact Lenses Fort Erie

Freedom from your glasses is just a few steps away!

Our contact lens fitters are Licensed Opticians and specialize in the measuring, assessment, and dispensing of contact lenses.

We carry every brand on the market including Alcon, Acuvue, Bausch + Lomb, and Cooper Vision.

We can assist you with every lens type available – multifocal contacts, contacts to correct astigmatism, or even cosmetic coloured contact lenses. We also fit and dispense rigid gas permeable lenses.

With new and exciting lens materials and treatments, we will find the perfect lenses for you.

Most of our contact lens wears prefer daily disposable contacts, but we also offer biweekly and monthly lenses.

Visit Us For All Your Fort  Erie Contact Lenses Needs

Call or stop by our Vision Clinic boutique today to learn how you can enjoy prescription contact lenses.

Contact Lens Niagara

Advantages of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a positive and convenient way of correcting your vision.

Mind you, because they are thin and nearly invisible, it may take some time to get used to handling them properly. Bottom line, contact lenses give you freedom from typical glasses.

  • Provides a natural field of view without disrupting vision
  • Can correct almost any refractive eye condition
  • Perfect for an active lifestyle, including sports, exercising and travel
  • There is no hassle of cleaning with daily disposables.
  • Comfortable to wear without the weight of traditional glasses
  • Clear vision and no fog on rainy or cold days.

Contact lenses sit directly on your eye (cornea), providing you with a natural field of view, without restricting peripheral vision. A great advantage of contact lenses is that just about anyone can wear them, regardless of age –  from children young to the elderly.

Contact lenses are capable of correcting the vast majority of eyesight issues. It might take time, up to a month, for you to fully adjust to them, but almost anyone can wear contact lenses without complications. Additionally, advanced technology available today has made tremendous progress in making contact lenses more comfortable and easier to wear.  Quality brands possess all kinds of different properties and advantages.

Contact leneses  are also great for sports and exercising. Unlike with standard glasses, you won’t have to worry about your lenses falling off, slipping or breaking during activities. Further to this, they also provide a natural peripheral view, and  won’t limit your performance.

As you can see, there are many advantages to wearing contact lenses.  Reach out to a local optician at the Vision Clinic today to learn more and for a professional fit.

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Dr. Johnathan Field

Position: Optometrist
Location: Fort Erie, Niagara Falls (5 Corners), St. Catharines (Glendale), Waterdown


Fort Erie
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Niagara Falls (5 Corners)
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St Catharines (Glendale)
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Dr. Johnathan Field is an Optometrist practicing at Vision Clinic. His specialties include eye exams, health of the eye, and complex diagnosis. Call today to book your eye exam.

Dr. Johnathan Field


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